Socialism is a Dirty Word

Although many reasons are actually given for the various government programs that have been bom under the ever expanding governments of the western world, they can all be traced back to same old dirty word, socialism. For a case in point, look at the Americans with the Disabilities Act. It shows clearly how socialism in action compels government to come up with ever more cash, your cash that is. Or look at the huge amount handed out each year by European governments to those who are to all intents and purposes just too lazy to go out and work for a living.
To make matters worse, just because some law or government decree is silly or an utter waste of time and talent does not mean that it will never be enforced. On the contrary, instead of using logic, government planners employ the old socialist trick of appealing to your “emotions” and relying on “feelings”. Then, like all true socialists, they denigrate and demonize political opponents. At the heart of the socialist vision is the notion that a compassionate society can create more humane living conditions for everybody through government planning and control of the economy. Anybody who dares to disagree is automatically evil. Just look at how the Democrats in the US regard their political opponents as somehow less pure and clean at heart, or look at the name-calling all Social Democrats in western Europe turn to when they run out of logical arguments to throw at their enemies.

Yet Marxism as an ideal continues to flourish on American college campuses as it does nowhere else in the world. In Forbes magazine, the scholar and author Thomas Sowell wrote of how even in hard-line communist countries like China and Cuba, Marxism is simply an instrument in a system of totalitarian power and control. “With China, especially, it is clear that Marxism is used instrumentally and is disregarded where the regime thinks it can allow market activities to generate economic benefits without losing political control. Only in America are there substantial numbers of adherents to Marxism as a creed for its own sake.” Most of the closet socialists of American campuses turn up in government a few years later. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they now wear a tie and talk rosily of working with the market. What they’re after is power without earning it, money without working for it. Furthermore, with America leading what will surely soon become a one-world government, this trend is dangerous. The closet socialists and Marxists who are running the US federal bureaucracy believe that they have some sort of moral obligation to impose cryPMic ways of thinking onto the rest of the world. Deep down inside they hate capitalists or anybody with money. To them, money, as long as it is not in the government’s coffers, is an inherent evil that must be eliminated.