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In a Perfect World

In my opinion, the perfect world is a society that ensures the maximum possible liberty for all. Such a society is libertarian, as author and visionary Robert A Heinlein describes it in his best selling ‘‘future history” series of books. In this world of his creation, no possible act or
mode of conduct is forbidden as long as one does not damage another. Even an act specifically prohibited by law cannot be held against someone unless the state is able to prove that this particular act harmed a particular individual.
Furthermore, if one should willfully and knowingly damage another, the state does not attempt to sit in moral judgment, nor to punish. As one judge says, “We have not the wisdom to do that, and the chain of injustices that have always followed such moralistic coercion endangers the liberty of all.” Instead, the convicted individual can choose between treatment or expulsion. He can separate himself from the state by going into voluntary exile.
This system of justice, based on a pact that each citizen signs of his own free will, is a thousand times more free than the freedom of our modern democracies. In our world, you are bom into a system but never asked whether you wish to join it or not. The premises and conditions have already been established and for some reason are simply taken for granted by the vast majority of the populace. Would it not be better to have a system in which the government does not impose itself on its citizens?
Will such a perfect world ever exist? Probably not. Which is why I have gone to the trouble of creating my own path to a stress-free, government-free way of living. I am not a dreamer or an idealist, I have no desire to change the world for everybody else. Nonetheless I recognize that today, at the close of the millennium, few governments take an enlightened stance. Instead, politicians and bureaucrats busy themselves with thinking up new ways to mess with your life and get their hands on your money. You can strike back by refusing to serve them as a sacrificial lamb.
No one is more sovereign than yourself. Even if some fool shows up at your door calling himself “the state” while frantically waving papers at you, you should have the right to slam the door in his face. Unfortunately, the world ain’t so. If it were there would be no reason to write this Report.
In an ideal world, what you choose to do with your own money is your business and your business alone. Whatever banks you want to store your money in, whatever loops you want to put it through, should be your decision. If you want to channel your cash offshore or invest it in a business opportunity overseas, who should object? Where your money goes and what it does is your business. After all, it is your money. You made it. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise usually has an ulterior motive. Watch them closely. He, she, it or they are trying to get you to fork over part of that cash.